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Alpex Trade is a research-driven investment company that is client-centered in its mission and global in it's scope. Our team doesn’t put self interests at odds with the client interests, whether you are an investment-management member or a member of our affiliate-side research unit.

We believe hard work excellence is the key to a constant development and finding unique solutions to the obstacles, so we’ve created research capabilities with exceptional staff, depth and focus on improvement, on the investment-side and the management-side.

For many years, our steadfast commitment to disciplined portfolio management and innovative research has helped investors weather the market’s downs and ups. Through comprehensive regional, global, single-sector services that aim to bring the highest returns for a targeted level of risk, as well as through tailored investment options, we help members meet their true objectives.

We have an individual approach for every client. Then, we concentrate on helping you understand how you may improve your financial situation by offering you our robust investment options, to eventually dominate the increasingly complex investment challenges you face. We pay attention first, then we put our knowledge and power to come up with the right solution that fits your situation.

Our asset-management users can have diverse requests and needs, so we’ve created a broad array of global and local investment opportunities that span geographies, asset different classes, objectives and styles for risk and return: from packaged multiasset-class solutions to customized growth and value equity portfolios, fixed-income portfolios to blend equity strategies, and alternative investments to index services.

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Investment term is 250 trading days for all investment plans offered. Initial deposit and compounded profits will be returned after plan expiration. Pre-term contract cancellation is available.


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