Investment Products

It is not a secret that everyone on this Earth is equal; everyone was made out of the same substance and has the same everyday needs. We all do face challenges in our lives, we strive to do our best and try to take care of ourselves and others. It can be very hard for people when things are not going the way they intended them to go, unexpected challenges arise. It sure does sound familiar to you, doesn't it?

If you've got all the money in the world - it doesn't mean you will become happy and everything will be a heaven. For example, you cannot avoid some severe physical diseases; or you might lost someone very close to you. In this case money could not fix either one. Simply, money is just a piece of paper, one could say.It sure is difficult to survive through out the life, but there is always help out there in some or the other form. There are hospitals, improved modern technologies, abundance of revealed useful knowledge that can be used positively, despite all the negative. Alpex Trade function is to provide for people financially. With all our experience - it is not very hard for us to multiply the funds, and we hope that our help will reach those that really need financial support at this time, and can use it for a good cause. Start being in charge of your life financially, we are here to help!

Please see our Investment Rates and how they apply:

You will receive daily profit from Monday through Friday each day.

Keep in mind that if our trading day ended up with negative result - you still will receive your daily profit, but in a rate of (0.25%*your_plan_rate on that day). Funds will be pulled out of our Reserve.

Plan Name Deposit Amount,$ Daily Ratio,% Investment Term, days
ALPX1 10 - 1000 45 250
ALPX2 1001 - 5000 55 250
ALPX3 5001 - 30000 65 250
ALPX4 30001 - 100000 75 250
ALPX5 100001 - 300000 85 250
ALPX6(VIP) 300001 - 750000 95 250


1.If company's current value for daily profit is 3.00% and you've deposited $10.000 (which qualifies as ALPX3 Plan), then your profit will end up being 65% of the 3.00%, which makes 65*3.00/100=1.95%, thus you will make $195 for this day.

If company's current value for daily profit is (negative)2.00% (hypothetically determined value) and you've deposited $55.000 (which qualifies as ALPX4 Plan), then your profit will end up being 75% of the 0.25%, which makes 75*0.25/100=0.18%, thus you will make $99 for this day. The 0.25% rate was used in this case due to negative outcome for the trading day, and funds were pulled out of our Reserve. All the investment plans are derived daily according to our trading activity that you can track and view on our website.

Company remuneration percentage is set to 10% for all investment products offered to our members of ALPX1 to ALPX5. For members of ALPX6(VIP) ($300.000+ investment) the remuneration percentage is set to 5%, instead of 10%. That is how we operate.

Basically, the more you invest - the more profit you will make.

Profit fraction can be viewed in our trading report, it is calculated as 45%, 55%, 65%, 75% and 85% of the total profit. Levels of membership are determined as follows: $10 (ALPX1), $1.001 (ALPX2), $5.001 (ALPX3), $30.001 (ALPX4), $100.001 (ALPX5) and $300.001 (ALPX6(VIP)), with $10 being the absolute minimum deposit in order to become our investor and start receiving profits.

Please note that you will be credited 0.25% for all the negative days according to Trading Reports.

First profit is credited the next following day after deposit is made active.

Profits are credited from Tuesday through Saturday.