Security Recommendations

Your Personal Computer

Multiple studies have shown that the main primary source of personal data "leak" for an average Internet user is his/her Personal Computer. For this reason, it is very important to not postpone this important task, but dedicate some of your time researching and leaning more about basics of securing your Internet portal - your home computer. If you conduct even very brief overview of the subject, you will quickly realize that nowadays taking good care of your personal computer is a very serious matter. Please make sure you have done everything possible to secure and protect the data located on your computer.

Although there are very good free security programs available, considering the potential losses, we believe that it is really worth it to spend minimal amount of money on licensed anti-virus, anti-malware and personal firewall software packages from established, well reviewed experts such as Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky and others!

Surfing the Internet

For Internet browsing we recommend our users to use Chrome or FireFox, although without being overly opinionated we would leave it up to everyone to make final decision on browser of their choice. The most important thing is to update browser software with the latest available stable release versions regularly, because such updates are most often address reported vulnerability issues.

Use Different Passwords

We live in the digital age, we use more and more various accounts for nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. We are practically forced to use passwords (for a good reason) to protect our identity and personal data. Passwords must not be easy to guess and they must be different for each of the website and general account instances. It is better to forget password, than to loose identity. To protect and store passwords, we highly recommend using modern technology in the form of password storing software packages and various devices, but if it has to be a piece of paper, please keep it safely.

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